Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Improve Passenger Experience with Black Box Transportation Infrastructure Products

Move Faster With Black Box IT Products

Improve Passenger Experience Black Box Brand Transportation IT Infrastructure Products
Supply chain. On demand access. Collaboration across locations. Improved customer experience. There are critical technology issues facing the transportation industry today. Travel, airport, freight operating and logistics organizations need to optimize technology and related processes for maximum performance. Leverage Black Box experience and expertise for the ultimate in IT optimization.

Featured Products

Industrial-grade Networking for Harsh Environments
Maximize network up time with almost instantaneous fail overs. Use them for:
  • Traffic signals,
  • Sensors,
  • Security cameras,
  • Manufacturing controls,
  • Building automation equipment, And more

Wirelessly Connect Traffic Control Systems and Video Cameras
  • KVM and hybrid KVM peripheral switching platforms
  • HD video extension, including DVI, SDI, HD SDI, 3G
  • Signal conversion and signal distribution
  • Quad-screen viewing, instantaneous switching, multiple monitor viewing
Ensure high Availability with Automated Switching between Primary and Back-up networks

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Stay ahead of the curve

Innovation, speed and agility are key differentiators in the high-tech industry. But without good execution, bright ideas are a dime a dozen. It takes smarts, knowledge and experience. It also takes collaboration and coordination across a dynamic ecosystem of developers, suppliers and sales channels. Like what integrated communications from Black Box Network Services enables.

When Microsoft launched Xbox Live, it could have called hundreds of other integrators to help with its data centers in Seattle, London and Tokyo. It didn't. It called Black Box. Why? First, our success in the design and installation of its Seattle showcase center. Second, our global footprint. Third, our ability to execute. We helped Microsoft stay ahead of the curve. We can help you, too.

Case Studies

Facility Services
Project: KVM extension and data center monitoring
Information Technology
Project: Remote Firewall Management
Public Safety & Security
Project: New command center Custom KVM switching solution

Featured Products

DKM HD Video and Peripheral Matrix Switch
For flexible and super-fast crosspoint switching 
Advanced Console Manager
Ensures high availability for remote console port management
The ServSwitch Agility™ 
Enables you to remotely and securely configure all the transmitter and receiver units

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Enabling Next-generation Connectivity Solutions for Broadcast and Media Professionals

Broadcast and Media Solutions

Empowering clients with technology, support, and expertise.

Why Black Box?

Black Box helps clients in the media and broadcasting industry design, build, deploy, and upgrade mission-critical monitoring and control solutions, video processing and distribution infrastructure, and high-performance networking systems to improve collaboration and productivity, lower operating costs, and simplify back-end support systems to deliver clear competitive advantages.

Where Black Box Fits
  • Master control rooms
  • Post-production suites and service bureaus
  • Encoder and transcoder farms
  • Trucks and mobile broadcasting vans
  • Equipment rooms
  • Display and signage

What Black Box Offers
  • Hybrid KVM peripheral switching platforms
  • HD video extension, DVI, SDI, HD SDI, 3G
  • Signal conversion and signal distribution
  • Video delivery via IP multicast
  • Whisper racks and seismic cabinets
  • Quad-screen, Instantaneous Switching
Applications and Solutions

Broadcast and Media Solutions
We help broadcasting industry clients design, build, deploy, and upgrade mission-critical monitoring and control solutions, video processing to improve collaboration/productivity, lower costs, and simplify back-end support

Tech Corner

The Insider's Guide to  HD Video Matrix Switching
The way a user chooses to configure a matrix switch or extension setup depends on the application. Because of their scalability and flexibility, matrix switches work in any number of video extension applications. 

Featured Products

DKM Systems 
Instantaneous HD video and KVM switching

ServSwitch Agility
HD video and KVM extension over IP

ServSwitch 4Site Flex
Quad-screen viewing and KVM switching