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Network Security for Financial Companies and Banks - Black Box EncrypTight™

Network administrators in the financial industry face increasing pressure to secure financial data both at rest and in motion because of which he have to tradeoffs between performance and security.
EncrypTight™ can eliminate these trade-offs by protecting all forms of sensitive information, including data in motion, voice, and video, without impacting network performance or reliability. 

Network security without time-consuming VPN tunnels

Encrypt any network topology from simple point-to-point to full mesh and cloud networks without VPN tunnels
  • Improve Security
    Expand security without impacting availability or visibility
    Separate access and permissions for security and network teams.
    Enable automatic key rotations and Persistent Authentication
    Securely connect to public and private clouds.
  • Save Time
    Set up and manage in only minutes.
    -Enable secure green zones to reduce the scope of compliance audits
    Monitor and troubleshoot without deactivating encryption.
  • Reclaim Performance
    EncrypTight replaces IPsec tunnels and runs at the full line rate.
    -Enable secure load balancing, disaster recovery and high availability.
    -Get support for
    VoIP, video, and QoS.

Why you should encrypt data in motion

Security is more than PCI
In addition to PCI, Governments have their own data protection requirements, which include audit and fine structures. For financial companies, this means that companies that fail to protect their customers’ data will find a long line of auditors, regulators, and bureaucrats waiting to levy fines.Companies that fail to take steps to secure data are viewed as less desirable as business partners/vendors.

Private networks aren't.

Data sent over a service provider network, even when the network is marketed as private, must also be secured by being rendered unreadable, unusable, and undecipherable. Failure to protect data in this way leaves it open, exposing it to theft, replication, and unauthorized monitoring

SSL or tokenization provides transactional security for front-end processes. Tokenization is limited to making point-of-sale transactions more secure. You also need to protect backend processes, such as network traffic between sites and data centers. Front-end security protects your customers. Back-end security protects the company.

PCI auditors

Companies that fail audits are subject to follow-ups and are forced to implement expensive remediation plans. Even companies using so called “private” networks are learning that auditors are looking for open Internet gateways on transport networks. MPLS providers make no assurances regarding data security traveling over their backbones.

Compliant Network Security for Financial Companies

EncrypTight helps financial organizations meet security requirements. It’s an innovative data protection solution that provides high performance encryption over any network .It gives you easy set-up,flexible deployment options, and global control over policies and dynamic distribution of keys.

Secure Data Center Networking and Disaster Recovery

  • PCI and many other government regulations require that financial data be encrypted in motion.
  • Maintain compliance with EncrypTight. It encrypts data at wire rates from 3-Mbps to 10-Gbps. With EncrypTight's unique variable speed option, you only pay for the bandwidth you consume

PCI-Compliant Network Segmentation

  • EncrypTight enables you to maintain compliance by cryptographically segmenting data within a network. Policies can be managed from a single interface, even when connecting to third party networks
  • You have the flexibility to setup secure communication zones without changing the network or disrupting operational performance. EncrypTight gives you the ability to define and enforce security policies based on VLANs or applications

Enterprise-Wide Policy Control

  • EncrypTight makes it easy to define and implement carrier independent data security policies on any network or group of networks without altering data flows, performance, availability, or carrier SLAs.
  • This technology is also extensible to the cloud enabling financial companies to take advantage of the cost and performance gains of virtualized infrastructures, even for sensitive workloads.

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