Sunday, 22 March 2015

Black Box ServSwitch Agility - IP-based KVM Extension

As organisations continue to expand, IP-based Extension and Switching, as well as Cloud-Based Matrix Switching, will continue to enable Collaboration and Communication. These Flexible, Scalable systems are Low Latency, Cost-Effective and Improves Productivity

ServSwitch Agility and Its Applications

Black Box ServSwitch Agility operates over a LAN to extend DVI video, USB peripherals, including keyboard, video, and mouse, RS232, and audio. It uses multicast (IGMP) technology, so it doesn't slow down a network when distributing video.
Additionally, Agility KVM-over-IP is a managed switching and extension system to meet a number of configuration applications, including single-target sharing, point-to-point extension, and multicasting.

Agility Solution in Healthcare

Black Box solution enables the servers to be placed down the corridor in a secure environment, and using a Black Box ServSwitch Agility to extend the keyboard, monitor and mouse into operating theatres, x-ray and consulting rooms. Cleaning now is not an issue as the keyboards, displays and mice were of a medical standard ensuring they could be disinfected directly

Agility Solution Video Distribution

The Black Box ServSwitch Agility solution is a reliable method for transporting high resolution video across the train station, to the large screen. The Agility introduced no loss and transported the original video faithfully. Even on the large display, there were no signs of artefacts or anomalies.

Agility Solution Broadcasting

Using a TCP/IP network the Agility units connect the users within the various control rooms to the remote computers without loss in video quality. The Black Box ServSwitch Agility Receivers in the control rooms operate very quietly without a fan

Agility Solution Control Rooms

The Black Box ServSwitch Agility Receivers can flexibly be adapted to future changes. The Agility system turned out to be a very cost effective solution in comparison to other systems.           ι         +91 7738 066 077

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