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Networking, Infrastructure and Monitoring Solutions for Factory Automation

Factory Automation

The Challenge of Mixed Technologies in an Industrial Environment
There is a new industrial revolution.It’s combining advancements in machines and controls with advancements in computing and communications. 
The new manufacturing environment is going to be smarter and increase a manufacturer’s competitive edge.

A General Factory Floor Setup

Setting up your Serial Data Communication

Industrial control is a designation for the devices that interface with machinery such as packaging machines, PLC, generators, lathes, and even scale. 
In the application diagram, RS-232 Line Drivers (ME800A-R4) are being used to drive data from the scale over CATx cable to a manager’s workstation PC.

Other Black Box Serial communication (RS232/RS422/RS485) products as well: 
  • Media Converters
  • RS232 Fiber Driver
  • RS-232 to RS-422/RS-485 DIN Rail Converter with Opto-Isolation
  • DIN Rail Repeaters with Opto-Isolation
  • DIN Rail RS-232/RS-485 to Fibre Driver
  • Industrial Ethernet Serial Servers

CNC Machine Connectivity and Failover

In the application Diagram, The Black Box switches are set up in an Alpha-Ring protocol over Multimode fiber  for maximum uptime and reliability with a failover time of less than 30-ms, which is virtually instantaneous. If one part of the ring fails, traffic will automatically reverse direction.

Black Box Industrial Networking solution offers:
  • Network Switch - LEH9XX,LEH12XX,LE2700 Series
  • Media Converter, Ethernet Extender, Console Server, Fiber cables, CATX cables etc.

Machine Vision Technology Tool – Data Extension

Machine vision is an image-based automated inspection technology that incorporates cameras, PCs, software, and other hardware to automatically take pictures and inspect materials as they pass along an assembly line.

In the application diagram, the USB 3.0 Ultimate Fiber Extender, is used to connect the assembly line and manager desk to a USB vision machine camera, lights, and related reject hardware. 

Black Box USB Extender : ICXXX Series

Keeping it Clean – KVM Solution

Factory floors are a CPU’s worst nightmare. Servers,CPUs need to be connected and managed, sometimes away from the factory floor, and they also need to be separate from unclean environments.

In the application, KVM switch or a KVM extender can be used to safeguard the costly server and CPU from damages.

Black Box KVM Series: ACX,ACU,KVT,KVSeries 

Infrastructure and Environmental Monitoring Solution

To have the entire automation the LAN infrastructure is the basic necessity for it. 
Black Box provide the complete end to end product solution for structured cabling from CATX cables, Fiber cables, Patch Panel, Connectors, Serial cables, cabinets etc. 

In a Factory environment, environmental safety is a very important area focusing on safety of the workers plus the safety of all the costly equipment’s working 24/7 across the floor. 

Black Box environmental solution AlertWerks ServSensor  provides alerting and reporting system against temperature, humidity, water, Fire, Smoke, airflow, motion, voltage etc
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