Sunday, 22 February 2015

Smart IT Solutions For HEALTHCARE

  • Today's healthcare environment imposes huge demands on communication infrastructure systems.
  • To ensure the best patient care, healthcare facilities must ensure the timely, accurate flow of information.
  • Black Box understands the demands unique to the medical industry and can provide the solutions that healthcare professionals require.

Network Security Solution for Healthcare

Several hospitals and health systems have begun to outsource more services as finances become tight. This leads to more communication between Hospitals, Private Practices, Outpatient Facilities, Insurance groups, Pharmacies and exchange of critical private healthcare information. Hence, Data privacy is must and Compliance to data-privacy regulations like HIPAA/HITECH is compulsory

To overcome these challenges Black Box EncrypTight Solution provides Secured Encrypted WAN connectivity. This help to protect all the Data communication holding Vital PHI information and complying with HIPAA/HITECH Compliance. The Device provides AES 256 encryption for all the data traffic

KVM Switching and Extension for Operating Rooms, Radiotherapy Departments and Medical Laboratories.

With the use of the Black Box ServSwitch DKM FX switching system linac operators are able to access and control the Linac Control System (LCS), electronic health records and/or the patient’s treatment plan in MOSAIQ on screens in treatment and control rooms. This setup provides the operator with ease in management and use of systems and flexibility in his daily activities. 

Both Black Box ServSwitch DTX and Black Box ServSwitch Agility are being used in operating rooms (ORs) to display the picture of a system on multiple screens. This allows others to watch the surgeon while he is performing a particular procedure, either for assisting or learning purposes. 

The Black Box ServSwitch 4site flex gives them the opportunity to control four analysers simultaneously – saving valuable time and resource.  

Digital Signage in HealthCare

Black Box Video Wall For Promotion & Brand Building: Reinforce the hospital’s brand with a consistent message while elevating visitor perception of facilities.
Emergency Alerts:  In times of emergancy, instructions can conveyed quickly, clearly and with authority.

Information & Communication: Strategic placement in key gathering areas ensures your guests get updates on emergency information, special services, surgery details, timetables, Doctors visiting hours, their speciality ,chapel hours and other relevant information — without having to pick up reading materials or search the bulletins.

Cost savings :Black Box Digital Signage Solution can help you save both time and cost  and the environmental impact is minimised.As no printed material is necessary

Patient Waiting Experience : Black Box Digital Signage can help you keep them entertained and reduce frustration due to long wait times they may be subject to.
Additional Revenue: Revenue can be earned with third party brand promotion through advertisement using Black Box Digital Signage solution.

Education:  Answer common health and surgery questions thereby achieving improved staff productivity, better patient health and awareness of health problems. 
Entertainment: Black Box Digital Signage systems can reduce perceived waiting time resulting in happier patients/Visitors. 
Restaurant / Canteen Menus: Post daily specials in addition to the standard menu. It can also used to promote the Government’s campaign to encourage healthy eating.

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